Bilge Gümrük Hizmetleri
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Bilge Gumruk Musavirlik Hizmetleri Ltd. (Customs Consultancy Services) provides services by being conscious of the acceleration created by borders in the globalizing global economy and international trade being annulled as days pass, especially with the importance it holds for companies that implement Total Quality Management.

            Our mission is to “ensure maximum customer satisfaction by means of providing the fastest and most effective service within a legal context and a dynamic structure, on a basis of mutual reliability.

            In this context;

            In addition to completing Customs Formalities of goods that are subjected to international trade; our company has been equipped with the latest technology and our entire operations is done by way of computer. Computer documents with respect to the executed operations are archived in an electronic environment and preserved therein. Thus, statistical information requests sent by you with respect to operations performed in the past can be easily compensated and we can apply modifications based on your direct input with regard to issues that matter to you.

            Our company provides services with a staff that has specialized in especially the import of foodstuffs and by maintaining customer satisfaction as a priority. In addition to this, we can inform you instantly regarding modifications arising in the surpassingly dynamic foreign trade and customs legislation, while providing an effective consultancy service during conflicts that could arise with the customs directorate.

            As Bilge Gumruk Musavirlik Hizmetleri Ltd. we continue to provide services under the supervision of Customs Broker Ali OZKAN (Retired Customs Assistant Manager) at out central office at the Istanbul World Trade Center (IDTM) with a staff of three customs brokers, 11 customer representatives, and two staff members for TSE and DTS proceedings; five staff members at our Caddebostan/Erenkoy office, two at our Halkali office, five at our Ambarli office, five at our AHL customs operation, and one staff member each at working at our Gebze, Haydarpasa, Erenkoy operations; thus, a total of eight customs assistant brokers, 12 auxiliary staff members, six couriers and eight vehicles.

            Along with our staff working at the central office; our specialized staff, which has been assigned at the Agricultural quarantine-DTS and Erenkoy Provincial Agricultural Directorate to finalize agricultural control and analysis proceedings, which require much time and form a financial issue, forms an important part of our strength.

            As every citizen, we are also pleased to see that export-import and tourism investments, which are one of the leading sectors in our country with respect to economic development, are increasing at accelerated speed. It is an honor for us to provide organized services as a solution partner with companies that have created this acceleration and to cooperate without making concessions concerning quality.